Pumping station at Bottisham Lock

Oil 12"x8"

Feeling a bit more confident, I walked back towards Bottisham Lock, and stopped here to paint the pumping station that drains the land going up towards Lode. The land round here really is very low lying. In fact a quick check on Google Earth shows that although this is 40 miles from the sea, the fields here are only 1 metre above sea level. That’s right ONE metre above sea level!

I added Chrome orange to my palette. You may ask why I use such a weird colour as chrome orange. The answer is that it is the last of some tubes of oil paint I inherited from my dad who tried painting not long before he died 28 years ago.  Is the colour any good? Not really. It’s just that I have a sort of emotional attachment to it, and use just  a little bit now and again. That’s life! That’s memories.

I really feel that painting on days like this is the best of art and the best of life. Very simple.  A river, winter sun, swans flying overhead, a local boatman stopping to look and engage in conversation about the weather, his boat, how his trees are growing up…..

I’ll continue with the painting in the studio. Don’t know how it’ll progress, but I’ll post again to show you.


~ by noelgarner on February 10, 2011.

One Response to “Pumping station at Bottisham Lock”

  1. Your painting has a good start! I still use a mug that my mother owned. It is comforting to have that connection in our lives.

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