Giant’s Hill, Rampton, Cambridgeshire

Oil 5"x6"

Giant’s Hill is the remains of the ramparts of a medieval castle that never quite got built. Now it’s a raised area with a moat round it, and in the middle a concrete spigot for mounting a heavy mortar – a remmant of more recent troubles. That is to say a civil defence item in the event of invasion during the Second World War. I’ve made it the focus of my picture.

It’s at least a week since I got out to paint, and the same again for oils. This was a small pochade sketch in oils to loosen up. The main criterion for choosing a viewpoint was facing into the sun so I had a little warmth on my face. It’s scarcely above freezing at the moment even in the sun.


~ by noelgarner on January 31, 2011.

2 Responses to “Giant’s Hill, Rampton, Cambridgeshire”

  1. Noel, first I love the sketches you have been doing recently. So little says so much. This oil sketch is also really attractive – full of movement and ruggedness.

  2. Hello Noel, I Edit the Website for Rampton – where you did this great picture.
    Could I include it on our webpage for Painting of Rampton? I’d happily credit you of course, and give a link to your website.

    Many thanks, kind regards, Trevor (24/2/2011)

    PS We used to live in Cornwall, not far from Porthleven, and I very much like your work of the harbour too.

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