Madrid Sketch 5

Watercolour 3"x5"

I didn’t have long to do this so I sketched in ink and made a few colour notes. The funny thing was I finished it later while I was in the Botanical Gardens and waiting for a wash to dry on a painting of some dahlias I was doing. A little boy looked over my shoulder and clearly couldn’t understand why what I was painting had absolutely nothing to do with what was in front of me. There was no point in trying to explain since I know no Spanish, but I looked up and then down to my sketch now and again, and allowed my young Spanish friend to travel the road of perceptual  paradox.

Just off to the right is the entrance to the Prado gallery. There was of course far too much to take in during the couple of hours we had available, but highlights included Bosch’s Garden of Delights triptych, lots of Goya (I’d say he needed help!), Gainsborough, Reynolds, Poussin (one of my favourites) and much  more.


~ by noelgarner on October 29, 2010.

3 Responses to “Madrid Sketch 5”

  1. So you are in artist heaven. It is good to wind up the locals. You are having a ball.

  2. Have you had a chance to see Picasso’s Guernica at Museo Reina Sofia? Quite amzing.

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