Madrid Sketch 2 – sunset from Real Basilica de San Francisco el Grande

Watercolour and pen 6"x3"

As the sun sank we walked down the street in the last painting onto the plaza next to the Basilica. This was the view from the garden. We had had a long day already but this view, with the paved, landscaped, park below was too much to resist. On this occasion I penned first and then washed in watercolour, starting from the top with dilute ultramarine, then a little yellow on a clean brush, and finally permanent rose and cadmium red. Then cerulean for the foreground paving, cutting round the tree shapes. Then the trees, and darker green wet-into-wet. Finally the purple mid-distance and the far hills to the right.

The whole thing was shimmering with a deeply saturated transparency.

This little sketch was so satisfying  – took maybe 20 minutes tops – and now I was ready  for the evening. The rest of our family were flying in at different times and we all met up for a late meal in La Latina. Bed for us at 2am (there ARE limits even on hols!) while “the lads” went on to a couple of bars. No idea when they returned. More painting tomorrow….


~ by noelgarner on October 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “Madrid Sketch 2 – sunset from Real Basilica de San Francisco el Grande”

  1. I like this, after the autumnal olives and browns of the fens the light and higher saturation of the colours have inspired you, echoes of Paul Klee in North Africa..

  2. How exciting Noel. Love the sketches. Have a fab time.

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