Still life – autumn flowers

10"x14" watercolour

In search of flowers for this demonstration, I went to the supermarket (Tesco) and bought a very nicely manicured bunch. So perfect I didn’t feel like painting them. So I went into the neighbour’s garden – with their permission I hasten to add – and picked some of theirs. Well, Judy had sown them earlier in the year actually. Anyway, this was a good subject for a wet-into-wet style of painting which I usually go for given the chance. Lots of watery colour for the first coating, and then two subsequent applications after each stage has dried. The lighting was very simple – single source daylight from the window. I particularly enjoyed the tension between the static hard shape of the jug and the explosion of colour above it


~ by noelgarner on October 18, 2010.

One Response to “Still life – autumn flowers”

  1. Wow that is beautiful. I must do some still life again.

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