Bourn post-mill, Cambridgeshire. Interior


18"x12" Watercolour, acrylic and pastel


This did not turn out at all as expected. For a start, when I turned up at this mill on the last open day of the year it was raining hard so I had no choice except to paint the inside, which was dark and cramped – and cold. And windy. I started off with a wet-into-wet watercolour, and gave up really when the washes wouldn’t dry and it was beginning to get dark. And the people looking after it wanted to lock up – which was understandable since they had been huddled in a small shed all day.

So I dug out my painting a few days ago to have another go at it but with little inspiration. I haven’t painted for nearly a week and I always find it difficult to get started. I wet the paper and stroked in some green and then mixed up some black to put into the shadow areas, but still wasn’t getting very far. In fact although I liked the overall shapes, the whole thing was a mess. So I chucked in a bit of pale acrylic here and there, but still nothing happening

So I gave up trying to make the thing represent reality and launched in with soft pastels and suddenly I was enjoying myself again. I’m happy with the result. Why? Because it represents the things that I liked in the subject in the first place – lines, shapes and dark colours.


~ by noelgarner on October 9, 2010.

One Response to “Bourn post-mill, Cambridgeshire. Interior”

  1. Sometimes when we abandon trying too hard things work out well. I like the mixed media in this. It’s almost an absract composition too.

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