Storeton Woods, The Wirral. 1891 and 2010


Watercolour then and now


I am fortunate to have a wonderful notebook full of watercolours painted by JG Veaco in 1891, in and around the village of Higher Bebington on the Wirral, “across the water” as they say, from Liverpool. Last weekend, on our way back from Blackpool, Judy and I tried to find the locations of some of these paintings which,  by the way,  are in superb condition having been closed up in book form away from damage from the light .

One view of  the church across farmland is now completely covered by a housing estate. Very sad when you see how beautiful the scene used to be. However, we did recognise this view at the foot of Storeton Woods. So we stopped for me to begin a watercolour painted from the same viewpoint. It was eerie and a privilege too to know that I was standing on the exact spot where the artist had stood 120 years ago.


~ by noelgarner on October 7, 2010.

One Response to “Storeton Woods, The Wirral. 1891 and 2010”

  1. You’ve been busy lately. Nice work. That notebook of watercolours is a real treasure. Years ago, while doing my mandatory backpack tour of Europe, I stopped in the town of Bacharach on the Rhine river. I painted a watercolour of a lovely old building that was part of one of the old town gates. A year or so later, back home, I discovered a painting of the same subject by Turner. He had set up about a hundred yards farther back than I had. Not much had changed and it was a thrill to think that we’d chosen the same spot.

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