South Cambs District Council offices

4"x7" pen and water soluble stick

Well, this office building would not be the obvious subject to draw if you didn’t happen to be there around lunchtime anyway. Actually, it’s quite an attractive building – sort of stranded in semi-scrub. Located here because the Local Council obviously thought it should invest its own presence in the middle of its own invention – a township called Cambourne, kind of parachuted in to give visible expression to the otherwise unseen chronic shortage of housing in this growing part of East Anglia. Cambourne tries its absolute hardest to look like it’s developed organically over several hundred years which, let’s be honest is shooting pretty high. So why doesn’t it quite pull it off? Well, apart from the fact that all the buildings are weathering at the same rate, if you look closely you can see that there are not that many house-types. Mostly the same dozen or so moved around quite thoughtfully and clad in a variety of surface materials. Skin deep.

Anyway, musn’t be too miserable about it because it’s a massive improvement on typical suburbia. I might even do some sketches to prove the point, if you can bear with me.


~ by noelgarner on September 22, 2010.

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