Waiting for the train at Clapham junction

3"x5" crayon and permanent ink marker

3"x5" crayon and permanent ink marker

Apparently Clapham junction in London is the busiest train station in the UK.  It certainly felt like it. Lots of platforms and trains arriving and departing continuously. We didn’t have long to wait for ours either, so both of these sketches were 3 minute scribbles.  Both from last weekend.  I started another two oil paintings, but I’m not ready to show them yet. Maybe next week.  The tube system is the quickest way to get around London, but I’d like to travel on the buses sometime – certainly it would be a better way to see things.


~ by noelgarner on September 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Waiting for the train at Clapham junction”

  1. I love the London subway system. It is clean, fast and efficient. ..part of the culture. I treaded views from the bus for time or if I had more time I walked so I could really see London. Either way it is quite a city to experience. as youyr sketches show.

    • Hi Linda. You know, I only live an hour from London by train. I really should go more often to paint. In fact I WILL go at least once more this year. I enjoyed painting down by the river so much.

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