Last sketch at Perranporth beach

3"x3" lumocolour pencil and pen

The last of my sketches from Cornwall. Last night I started to paint after a week without putting brush to canvas. Not good. Rusty already.


~ by noelgarner on August 10, 2010.

3 Responses to “Last sketch at Perranporth beach”

  1. I LOVE this sketch; love the different textures – they work really well, especially the sea with it’s bit of “sparkle” in it and the smoothness of the rocks. Also like the way you’ve expressed the multitudes of people. Love it – has a feel of dynamics, movement in it I feel:-) Well done!

  2. I really like the sketch – very impressive. I know what you mean about time off. I took time to clean and reorganize my studio and having trouble getting motivated again.

    • And Linda, you walk past those tubes of paint sitting there, and they are sort of calling out to you. So, we squeeze out a little squiggle of something plus a bit of white don’t we – mix it around a bit – pick up a card or bit of paper or something – place a mark or two down and, hey, we are painting again. Several hours later you ask yourself where the time went…

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