Food painting with beetroot and turmeric

11"x7" Watercolour, lumocolour pen an oil pastel

Does anyone have a list of natural pigment colours? With that thought in mind I went into the kitchen, wet a piece of watercolour paper and rubbed it with a chunk of cooked beetroot, some powdered turmeric, and a few grains of instant coffee. I scrubbed it around with a new J-cloth which was idly in the basin (and for which I have been gently reprimanded since it now has large patches of indelible bright yellow) and while still damp drew into it with lumocolour pencil. Then when dry I used just a few touches of oil pastel. What other great colours are hanging around in the kitchen or out in the garden?


~ by noelgarner on August 8, 2010.

3 Responses to “Food painting with beetroot and turmeric”

  1. This is COOL! …experimenting with the art you can make from the things in your natural environment. Long been thinking along this vein…. more, more!! 🙂

  2. …for me, I was thinking about outreach to in rural environments – like the outreach you did in Afghanistan, but with natural stuff. My friend has been exploring this on outreach in India, and its a hit with the kids, and a great way to bring blessings and creativity!

  3. Have you got any ideas about what I could use Rachel?

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