Trevellas Porth, Cornwall

12"x12"oil on canvas

This was an inspiring place to paint (this was last Saturday). Mid-morning, sunny, breezy.  Ozone, seaweed smell. These things all seep into a painting, I know not how. I need to work some more on this – like getting rid of the black eye effect in the middle. But I’m pleased with the colour palette that just chose itself really.

During this short holiday I painted with my french easel rather than with the pochade box. It’s a lot better – takes longer to set up but you feel that you are embarking on a small event if there’s a preparatory process. And of course it’s easier to step back. It also stops me from making everything lean to the right, which is what happens when I’m close to the painting surface.

Thanks to everyone for the encouraging comments over the last few days. I hope the enjoyment of painting in Cornwall has come across. My postings from this holiday will last a few days yet, even though I’m now back in Cambridge.

I also realise now in front of a proper monitor how poor have been the quality of the images I’ve posted while I’ve been away. I was using my phone to do it, and I thought it would be more fun to post as I went along even if the photos were rather poor. When I’ve finished some of these paintings I will re-post them as they should look.


~ by noelgarner on July 28, 2010.

3 Responses to “Trevellas Porth, Cornwall”

  1. the little spume from the breaker in the distance recalls a friends painting

  2. Delicious colors!

  3. I checked it out David. You have a good visual memory. The explosive power of a crashing wave concentrates a moment of movement and energy into an expanse of stillness. Your friend’s painting achieves this in a very measured way that only seems to highlight the effect.

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