Wheal Coate Mine, Cornwall

I will be travelling tomorrow so I’m posting tomorrow’s post today. What a difference a day makes in Cornwall. Yesterday evening I was painting on the beach in clear sunlight. Less that 24 hours later and I’m cold and shrouded in sea mist. Another wonderful painting challenge however.

Here’s a link to a  short video of the scene as I finished the oil sketch.

~ by noelgarner on July 26, 2010.

3 Responses to “Wheal Coate Mine, Cornwall”

  1. I enjoyed the video. It is a pleasure to hear the voice of someone you’ve been sharing thoughts with through blogging. Thank you for making this even though thye weather conditions were so horrible. The painting is beautiful and you captured the fleeting sunlight very well.

  2. hey, loving the travelologue paintings. I don’t know if intentional, but love the expression of the light, mist, etc on each of the places and what media, brushstrokes you use to express the atmosphere, accordingly. In life, photos, paintings, I am always find it beautiful how the change in natural light so dramatically affects the look and “feel”, atmosphere of the scenery around us.

  3. I can just imagine it, since I live in the South West – I am just wondering how many pictures I have ever seen with fog like this…

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