Portreath Beach, Cornwall

12"x12" oil on

I’ve been wanting to do a beach scene against the light for years and somehow never been in the right place at the right time. I had to wait for a while at this location as well until the clouds cleared.

It’s a favourite subject with artists, but why have I never seen any artists on a beach? Do they paint from photos? Half the fun is setting up your easel with holiday-makers all around. “What are you going to paint, mister?” “The beach.” “Are you any good?” “Yes.” “You’re a bit proud.” “Well, you’ve got to back yourself.” “OK. I’ll be back later.” “See you..” etc.

I get totally absorbed in this situation. Later on a voice said “How’s it going?” “OK, thanks” I replied on autopilot. I looked up and was surprised to see the questioner was Judy, accompanied by our friend Sarah.

This is my usual hour’s-worth and I’m pleased with it. The nearest windbreak has the sun shining right through it, and the whole thing came to life when I had placed some figures. I’ll work some more on this one.


~ by noelgarner on July 26, 2010.

4 Responses to “Portreath Beach, Cornwall”

  1. There is no end to your talents, 10 mins here & there & I can see where your going & this last one of the beach is brilliant too. You are very calm & dont let people asking stupid questions put you off, as you have to have talent & neck to paint in public on your own. Love the dail Blog.

  2. Love it. At last a beach painting from you. Really enjoying all the travels you’re on too. The latest one with the mist really gets it.

  3. very successful painting, the lighting and feel, well done

  4. Impressive painting. Stephan Quirke lives in South Africa and paints at his local beach very frequently. Next time you are on my blog check out the link to his blog on his new website.

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