White Horse Hill again

Rachel asked me whether I have a photo of what I was painting yesterday. Not very good, but here is what I photographed as I painted.

There is a line in that famous song by Marc Cohn “Walking in Memphis” where the revivalist preacher says to him ” ‘Are you a Christian, child?’ and I said ‘Ma’am, I am tonight’.” (The well known cover by Cher loses the religious irony I feel). Well, yesterday, looking out over the Vale of the White Horse, was one of those wonderful days when, if I you were an atheist you’d HAVE to shout out “Ma’am I AM TONIGHT”. It was that good.


~ by noelgarner on July 22, 2010.

One Response to “White Horse Hill again”

  1. Wow – thank you! It is beautiful indeed – nothing like beauty of creation to bring inspiration for God too. Your painting is amazingly good depiction of it too…positively better, in a painting landscape-sense. LOVE very much!!!!!

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