Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

5"x8" Pen and water soluble crayon

Not the usual view of the Fitwilliam. This is the rear from the meadows. It’s a lovely walk in towards Silver Street Bridge. The wall appealed to me with the foliage shadows, and the half-hidden buildings behind. The young couple on the bench. Interesting contrast between public and private; town and gown; then and now; secure and accessible; exotic and mundane; constructed and natural etc. I am loving this combination of permanent line marker and Neocolour crayons – the black and mid grey do all I want.

My Cambridge Open Studio opens again this weekend – in 45 minutes, so I’d better get down there. I’ll endeavour to continue with my flower painting and post here during the day on my mobile if I’m not too busy.


~ by noelgarner on July 10, 2010.

One Response to “Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge”

  1. Hey Noel-

    Just a thought as read this post, you might be interested in some of the World Music events that are happening in Cambridge; one at the Fitzwilliam in next week or so:

    And here’s others:

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