Goodbye, watercolour box

The heavyweight watercolour metal box I started out with in 1984 has finally reached the end of its life. Aaaah. It has served me so well, but now the rusted bottom has finally started to drop out and leave jagged edges of metal. Also fragments of rust are getting into the pans, left, which is really impossible to work with. In addition, the removable  metal dividers are so rusty they cut hairs off my very expensive harbin kolinsky brushes. It cost me £35 and would be about £100 now to replace.

So I will use my smaller tin box with the ten colours that I carry with me everywhere, but maybe bring a couple of my older palettes off the bench (please don’t mention the World Cup. It’s still hurting). Here they all are. The large japanned box on the left is good, but a bit flimsy, but the round plastic Frank Herring palette is very sturdy, but has lost its clean whiteness. The Frank Herring is definitely the next in line. I’ve had them a long time so I know them well. The cheap plastic palette is useful in the studio. Mind, it helps not to use it for acrylics and then forget to wash it out. Once dried on, you can forget it, unless anyone knows of a solution? I wonder what kind of watercolour boxes others use?


~ by noelgarner on June 29, 2010.

3 Responses to “Goodbye, watercolour box”

  1. hey, sorry – don’t have any useful solutions/ comments to make on the watercolour palette. But, went for a beautiful early morning cycle trek in the fens this weekend to catch the sunrise – and thought of you and your painting; you would love it! I ended up at White Fen to catch the sunrise (around 4-5am). Chilly, but beautiful….definitely recommend as a place to try get some inspiration. And, you can access by vehicle, too, for the most part. Here’s a photo link to get you inspired:-) :

  2. I’ve located it at looks like a good area to explore – thanks for that Rachel. Nice photo BTW.

  3. Excellent! Glad you located it. Look forward to future posts when you get the cahnce to get out there…..:-) Thanks on the photo. I am not a “trained” photographer, and only got my first camera a few years ago, but I love photography as another extension of art; it enables me to capture beauty in nature and other good things:-) And, this was a beautiful sight, it prompted me to stop!! No people around much in that area too….so ideal!

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