On Harling Drove, near Thetford

Oil 12"x8"

Yesterday I was in Norfolk delivering three of my paintings to an Art Show at Norwich – one of  these ones in a large tent, part of a large Agricultural Show. It lasts four days. I suppose I’ll have to tell you now how I got on when it’s over! Had lunch with my favourite (and only) daughter who lives and works in Norwich, and then slowly wended my way back through some small villages trying to find a particular windmill. No success. I felt disappointed that I had lost my opportunity to paint.

However, coming through the Brecklands near Thetford forest I spied this sign and what looked like a promising off-road trail – I have a nose for such tracks – and swung off onto it. I should say I was in the truck, not the BMW. Engaged four-wheel drive and off we went.

And this is the spot I stopped and painted. As you can see, in fine weather, the open pick-up makes an ideal “studio”. Everything to hand. All you Monet-lovers will know what drew me to this subject. Except he was painting a winding row of poplars, not pines. The sun was almost setting, and by the minute the straight tree trunks were turning a stronger orange. The entire time I didn’t see a soul. Totally quiet, just a gentle breeze.

I painted the trees as dark blobs and cut the sky round them.


~ by noelgarner on June 27, 2010.

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