Monotype – Porthleven harbour wall

7"x9" Oil monotype on paper

Inspired by my friend David’s comment on my post yesterday, and his reference to John Virtue, I have had another go at Porthleven harbour – even more simple shapes obtained by using a monotype technique.  I spread the paint (grey and dark brown) on my cleaned glass palette, spread it about to my liking with a brush, and then took an impression off it with a piece of paper and pressing with the back of a spoon.

Of course this produces a mirror image. Having peeled it off I scratched and pushed the paint a bit with a pen knife, photographed it and flipped it in Photoshop to get the image the right way round again. Now then, what if I re-photographed at high quality and got it printed REALLY big?


~ by noelgarner on June 24, 2010.

3 Responses to “Monotype – Porthleven harbour wall”

  1. Tindalls have rubber rollers for lino printing/monotypes that are just the job for this, but cheaper on ebay of course!

    drawing on the glass like a litho stone , with thinner paints/or printing inks and reprinting over can build a really nice effect through layers. The glass palette’s ideal for this. Hats off for this brave departure!

  2. the rubber rollers used for lino printing (5.99 ebay) allow a cleaner impression with less smudging. The glass palette muct be ideal for this , like a lithostone. Hats off to you for this brave new departure!

    • Well. thanks Linda. I think I get more interesting comments on my watercolours than my oil work. Maybe I should be taking the hint. But you are into colour at the moment aren’t you.

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