Porthleven harbour wall, Cornwall

6"x9" pencil and oil pastel on paper

In a few week’s time I will be in Cornwall again with friends who live in Perranporth, and hopefully we can re-visit Porthleven – a veritable cornucopia for the painter of all things marine. This little sketch, done on our last visit, was simply to record the shapes the harbour as night fell and the lights were beginning to sparkle. A sketch like this is useful for working out in your mind how to make a strong composition. In this case it was easy, but the strong black oil pastel stick was ideal for getting down the very strong lighting contrast.  The painting I did back home based on this worked out well.


~ by noelgarner on June 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “Porthleven harbour wall, Cornwall”

  1. really like this, the crude markings have a simple force, have you thought of large versions just in black and white? Wouldlook better perhaps undertaken in a rainlashed gail for full effect! John Virtue does some wonderful pieces like this

  2. sorry, didn’t imply rain soaked female companion but climatic condition!

  3. Your comments and links are so useful David. I’ve looked at this guy’s stuff online and it’s inspiring. So please see see today’s post

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