The Old Railway Waggon

5"x7" Oil

After Earls Barton we drove another 100 miles or so before stopping near a small village for sandwiches. This old truck was sitting in the corner of the field where we stopped. I started painting and it promptly started to rain. Hard. Had my special Aussie hat on (no, not the one with corks, the one that you can use to carry water in. David, you know the one since you gave it to me) so I was not really noticing – and this is proof that you can paint with oils in the rain. It’s a new technique I’m going to patent and call emulsified oils. Everything including my french easel and me was pretty well soaked by the time I got back in the car. Good fun though.


~ by noelgarner on June 21, 2010.

One Response to “The Old Railway Waggon”

  1. Vivid and colorful. It sounds like you are having a wonderful -if soggy – jouney. I really enjoy seeing your sketches and paintings. This ones “takes me there”.

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