Glass Palette

My usual wood palette

Many oil painters, I appreciate, like a messy palette. I don’t. It seems wasteful; I forget where things are. And in my particular set up it’s quite hard sometimes to judge the hue and value of what I’m mixing up. Well, yesterday I connected to a demonstration blog by Richard Schmid, who uses a glass palette. Full of inspiration, I decided to make one, and here it is, in use already:

I called in at my local glazing company and they cut me a piece of laminated safety glass 10″x15″ and they smoothed off the edges. It cost £10. It is also translucent white – used I guess in bathrooms and the like. Back home I placed the glass on a large off-cut of hardboard, and mitred four pieces of beading to go round the edge. Nothing special, just stuff I have hanging about in the shed. Glued the bead in place and let it dry and roughly stained it. The glass sits loose in this shallow tray. This took an hour and and a half. I could have skipped the tray and used the glass on its own, but I think this arrangement gives the glass a bit more protection.

And the verdict? It’s fantastic. Because it’s translucent, when I spread the paint it’s so easy to see the hue, transparency and value. This is now a fixture in my studio. By the way you can buy glass palettes but they will cost a lot more and probably are a lot smaller. I was using glazing medium which dries quickly, so this morning it was simple to scrape off the mixings so I have a clean working surface again. There’s no doubt this is now a part of my standard set up in the studio:


~ by noelgarner on June 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “Glass Palette”

  1. Very clever. Looks great!

  2. Love it, I was there when Schimd was painting and I too wanted a palette like his. I’ve been looking ever since. I’m going to follow your lead and make my own. Thanks!

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