Long North Fen 2

Oil. As far as I got on location

A very enjoyable session far out of the way in the Fens. A farmer was drilling on his tractor half a mile a way, but there was no way he wasn’t watching me, and sure enough when he had finished for the day he lumbered up the track and stopped beside me and threw open the cabin door. “So you’re painting a picture then?” he said genially. “No, I replied, I’m cutting my toenails.” Well, that’s what I was tempted to say. How often have you had someone come up to you and say that when you are painting plein air? Anyway he was very pleasant and I resisted the temptation to say to him, “So you’ve been doing a bit of ploughing eh?”

I had mixed in a little alkyd white with my titanium and it’s surprising how it will make things dry quickly. Generally I do not use Alkyd white on its own because it’s slightly transparent and if you’re painting on a toned ground it doesn’t cover very well.

Three of my paintings are on view today and tomorrow in the art exhibition at the Suffolk Show in Ipswich.


~ by noelgarner on June 2, 2010.

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