Long North Fen, Cambridgeshire

11"x9" acrylic and oil

For the last two years I have been posting to this blog, on most days. At first two or three times a week. Now every day I post something, hopefully of interest. I started with about 10 hits a months and it has steadily grown without my promoting it in any way. And for the last two months the hits (not counting my own) have exceeded 1000. So at the beginning of June, exactly two years since I started, I want to thank everyone who views my art blog, for their encouragement, interest, helpful advice and criticism too. It’s all very welcome, and I hope I am giving something back in the way of tips, struggles and opinions. In fact I will try and make it more varied and more accessible in the future.

Now then. Long North Fen. When you get to this point you are as far away from settlements as you are likely to get in this eastern part of our packed little island. Off-road vehicle is a necessity. Also a rather handy platform as you can see.  My blue outline was done in thinned acrylic. I don’t know where I picked this tip up from, but because the acrylic dries quickly, unlike oils, it won’t immediately smudge when you paint over it. This worked well. However, the tinted ground (applied a long time ago) is oil paint. Does it matter? Anybody know?


~ by noelgarner on June 1, 2010.

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