Boats and Barges at the “Butt and Oyster” pub – Pin Mill, Suffolk

Oil 12"x10"

How far I got on location

This site was so exciting, and the lighting so interesting, that I couldn’t resist posting something yesterday when I was still there. The photo shows Judy’s and my table at the “Butt and Oyster” (I realise that “butt” may have different connotations in other parts of the world, but for the record, a butt is a traditional wooden cask in which to store salted fish!) where we had a fish salad before returning home.

I finished the painting this morning, wiping off the foreground and starting again, using glazing medium plus raw sienna and a little Indian Red, and I repainted the sky too. I know the colours of the foreshore are not as they really were, but as I was painting on location I had in my mind a pretty clear idea on what was interesting to me and how I wanted it to finish up. So I am pleased that the result does reflect my intentions here.


~ by noelgarner on May 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “Boats and Barges at the “Butt and Oyster” pub – Pin Mill, Suffolk”

  1. This one has the ‘Wow’ factor. I love what you’ve done and that you’ve made your own colours. I am beginning to do that. Cheers, Erin

    • Thanks Erin. I’m a bit surprised myself. The glazing medium is a new thing to me. It really makes the colour rich and gives it depth. Clearly the juxtaposition of the two main colours is vital to the overall effect.

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