Clare village from the castle mound

Oil 10"x8"

This is far as I got on site

First turpsy wash

This was done a week ago. Lovely view over the village at about 7pm in the evening. It was difficult to paint because there was a fence in front of me in the only place where this view was possible, and with no easel I had no choice but to hold the picture in one hand and stoop down to fetch paint from my pochade box which  was on the ground. I don’t usually do the “dab out” on the highlights but it seemed a quick way to lay out the space in the circumstances.

I overpainted everything back in the studio because the proportions were too compressed horizontally. A bit too fussy in the finish, but the overall colour scheme and tonal range is quite pleasing. I’m tempted to re-do this on a large scale as a comparison with the roofscape I did of Dubrovnik.


~ by noelgarner on May 28, 2010.

One Response to “Clare village from the castle mound”

  1. I thought of your Dubrovnik painting the moment I saw this one. Tricky one with all the rooftops. I like the movement of it all.

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