Not very good “Claude mirror”

I made this version of a Claude mirror from taping together a few theatrical light filters – blue and purple. The idea is you look through it at the scene and  since the colours are all but eliminated you just see the tonal values. This can be useful when setting up your picture. But don’t use blue! You can see what it has done to the yellows in particular. So either make sure your filter is neutral or revert to the old and rather simple method of looking at the scene through your eyes when they are almost closed.


~ by noelgarner on May 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Not very good “Claude mirror””

  1. I was taught to do this also but using red cellophane instead. Do all colors affect some colors in the scene?

  2. Hi Stephanie. I’ve opened the original photo in Photoshop, converted it to black and white and then applied colour filters. It’s amazing the different effects. True enough, red makes the yellows nice and light in value, and yellow is about the same only foliage is lighter. The thing is I want a really dark filter that will exaggerate the shadows. So I think a really dark red would do – or a deep neutral filter. Thanks for your comments

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