Eric Clapton/Steve Winwood concert, Wembley arena, Friday 21st May

5"x8" brush pen and grafic colour

We were given tickets at the last minute to go to this concert in London, so we jumped in the car mid-afternoon and headed down there with a bottle of Champers for the lovely lady who had made them available to us. Of course the music was great, particularly one 12-bar blues (the only one) which I thought got the biggest applause of the night. I am biased on this though.

Needless to say, such occasions are sketching opportunities – and before I set out I packed simple materials that I thought might work. Pentel brush pen (shown below) that will cover areas in black quickly, and a few of my Eding graphic colour sticks that are like oil pastel in texture but which have a cap and dry quickly to an impervious non-sticky finish. I did the sketch in almost total darkness, and touched in a few more details on  the Tube back to Putney where our son was putting us up. I think it worked really well. I took some photos as well – the GX200 handled this well in RAW format, and the photo below gives you an idea on what the lighting conditions were like. A fantastic evening.


~ by noelgarner on May 22, 2010.

4 Responses to “Eric Clapton/Steve Winwood concert, Wembley arena, Friday 21st May”

  1. fantastic. You do such great stuff. This definitely catches the mood. I have just shown everyone here in Rhone =Alpes and they are amazed.

    • Really? I’m so pleased that you think so. I just went for it but all the lines and jabs of contrast and colour went well with the atmosphere that was in the place. I compare it with the utter tranquility of my sketch last week down by the river and think/hope that I am letting the technique/style be the servant of the subject. Sounds like you are with a great bunch of people on your course.

  2. love it! I’m sure matt would have loved to have been there too…

    • Hi Cherie. Thanks for looking at my art blog. I am amazed that around 1000 people view it every month from all over the world and it’s a pleasure to share art and paintings. The concert indeed was great – I particularly like Blues music and would have liked them to do a bit more of that. Maybe Winwood is not so much that inclined. Give Matt my regards; hope you are both well

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