Camelias – the denouement

Oil 20"x24"

Well, this is it and I’m not happy. I’m a long way from my original, spontaneous intention. I’ve laboured over the background and now it’s almost black. The problem comes back to the overall composition that is too scattered. Maybe a wonderful dramatic frame will save it. But I have pretty much decided to take the canvas off the frame and cut it up into small paintings. I would appreciate any advice or comments. Here are photos of the four small paintings I could get out of it:


~ by noelgarner on May 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Camelias – the denouement”

  1. maybe the difficulty is seeing the background as exactly that, a backdrop upon which the shapes float. Another possible way in is to consider the negative spaces as equally relevant and tackle each locule of space between the flowers as a seperate piece of the jigsaw, interlocking. This may well drift into a more abstract approach but would help to integrate the floating patches of colour into a more unified whole. Use of shadow and reviewing the role light can play would help perhaps?
    Been here many times….dark days indeed

    • I’m so glad you understand, David! I seem to have invested an inordinate amount of time in this one. I’m pretty sure I am going to put the knife to this painting – but I think I can go with that. At the same time I’ll save a bit and think more about doing something with the negative spaces.

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