The R. Cam at Fen Ditton, evening

Oil on board 10"x4.5"

Did this yesterday evening. Lots of racing boats out on the river, training. People walking their dogs along the river bank.  I was on the opposite bank from my post on April 9th; I could have painted myself in on the right hand edge of this painting on the other river bank. But this was late in the day, quiet, the only sound being the shouts of the cox and the occasional clash of oars. No great ambitions for this one. End of a busy day and this was for pure enjoyment, but I did focus on blocking in the strong shapes of the light areas and the overall dark greens.  The way the stumps in the foreground echo the rowers is a happy accident. As the sun went down to the right, I strengthened the pale yellows.


~ by noelgarner on May 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “The R. Cam at Fen Ditton, evening”

  1. The light in this painting is wonderful and I like the strong diagonals that oppose each other.

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