Life Class 5

12"x16" oil

After a fortnight’s break I was back at Kings College for the life class last Wednesday night. I found it much more difficult this time.  These are the first two seven minute poses. The paint just wasn’t flowing and I couldn’t work quickly enough. And then after half an hour or so I realised my mistake. I had been painting on the back of the paintings I did two weeks ago to economize. The oil painting pads are not cheap especially if you are using six or seven sheets a session. The reverse side looks superficially the same, but it’s not sized and the surface soaks up the paint and “holds on” to the brush.

Colour was also much more challenging this time. The model’s skin was generally darker and slightly olive compare with the previous subject and this, combined with the warm light coming from the reflected floodlight on the right, and the cold evening light coming in from the left windows, resulted in a very wide range of subtle chroma and saturation. Absorbing nonetheless – two hours sped by.


~ by noelgarner on May 14, 2010.

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