Life Class 1

Oil on paper 16"x12"

I arrived well in time to set up my easel and gear so that I could start painting the moment the class began. About 8 people turned up and they were all drawing with charcoal, pencil etc. on paper. And so we began the session with 3 minute poses. Here are my first two  attempts at the figure in five years, in 3 minutes in oil!! The colours I had were a great help actually, because the four pale colours could be more or less used from the tube and mixed directly on the paper.

The lighting was interesting too. Large windows off the the left were admitting a bluish light from the direction of King’s College Chapel which was just across the quad, and to the right of the model was a warmer spotlight reflecting off a white surface. With a number of short poses, followed by a  maximum of 20 minutes poses, I got through quite a lot of sketches in two hours, some of which I’ll post in the next few days.


~ by noelgarner on May 1, 2010.

4 Responses to “Life Class 1”

  1. OMG. I haven’t been gone that long, and there is this new work for me to look at!!
    All terrific. Really like the life paintings. I was right there. Nothing like getting back to the building blocks.

  2. I like the 3 minute ones the best. I attend a life drawing group and always like the quick drawings best. It keeps us from getting too fussy. Be sure to go back; it’s the best discipline.

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