Judy reading

Oil on paper 16"x12"

I haven’t been to a life class for five years, but I went to one on Wednesday night at the University’s Kings College. It’s really for the students but is open to non-students too. In preparation I asked Judy to sit for me a couple of days ago. She honoured me with 15 minutes of sitting pretty still (hence the reading pose)! The result is hardly flattering but I didn’t have long did I? I want to try out a number of paints that I bought a couple of months ago and are ideal for flesh. They are:

  • Indian Red (already had this)
  • Cadmium Red (already had this)
  • Blush tint (photo is a bit too much yellow)
  • Pale ocre
  • Naples yellow warm
  • Kings Blue
  • Ultramarine blue (already had this)
  • Terre Verte
  • ..and of course Titanium white

I’m glad I gave these colours a run-out because as I shall post over the next few days, the life class was fast and furious and I had no time to deliberate about how to handle the pigments.


~ by noelgarner on April 30, 2010.

3 Responses to “Judy reading”

  1. Well, I have only met you and Judy “in the flesh” once, and I guessed it was Judy as soon as I laid eyes on the painting image. And, actually, think abstract representations are far more appealing than life-like art portraiture myself (but that’s just my personal preference). So, whatever the perceived shortcomings in professional art terms, I think you’ve done a mighty fine first attempt! Especially in 15 mins. Not easy. I like the unmadeness and the stark pigment choices for shading and light. I, personally, think it works well. Much prefer this to a painting that is “polished” to perfection. So you have one fan of it 🙂

  2. Just saying what I thought… I know how hard it is to get people to sit still and pose; I haven’t done much in a while, but my favourite thing to sketch was people, portraits, people posing in everyday life. So, I do fully appreciate just how hard that is…..and to do in oils in so short a time! Wow. Inspiring. Thank you – reading your arty blog and seeing your pictures, really cheers me up when going through tough times. Therefore, I want to encourage you – because art is not just about a 2-D image; creativity has a far-reaching healing effect. It’s true that “a picture can speak a thousand words…” (or think that’s how the phrase goes; I always get my english phrases mixed up to many people’s amusements!) Which reminds me of your art lessons in Afghanistan: may God continue to nurture and guide you with your artistic gift; it is definitely a God-given gift and something you could definitely use to bring healing and transformation in the lives of many. I am serious. It has occurred to me many times while looking at your work, and when talking to you that time at lunch. 🙂

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