Lode Mill

Oil 11"x9"

This is the replacement on the canvas I scrubbed on the previous post. Lode mill is quite unusual but difficult to get a view of it. I crouched down by the side of the mill stream and set out my stall sitting on the trees roots. I had noticed that there were some holes in the ground beneath these roots but didn’t give them much attention. Of course you get involved in the painting process and I tend to switch off from whatever else is going on. However, as I was getting towards  the end of the session I found I was swatting away a rather large number of flies – except they were more like bees or wasps. They got rather persistent, but I wasn’t actually being stung so I cleared up and then photographed the little critters which I think were desperate to get into the  little holes beneath my outstretched legs. Anyone know what these are?


~ by noelgarner on April 29, 2010.

5 Responses to “Lode Mill”

  1. That looks like a honeybee except they don’t live in the ground.

  2. Hi Noel
    Lovely website and blog, really inspirational. You asked about the insect. Maybe it is a sand or mason bee. The female lays one egg in each hole and provides a pod of nectar and pollen for the young bee when it hatches the following spring. They are also great pollinators and don’t have a hive of honey to protect. Amazing niche insect. Thanks for your site.

    • Thanks and welcome to my blog. I persevere in the hope my contributions will give encouragement and a bit of help here and there like I know I get from other people’s sites.

    • Oh, and thanks for the opinion on the bee. Sounds right. Some of the little bees were coming in absolutely laden with pollen

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