Camelias 2

Oil. Camelias

I’m painting this on canvas underpainted with a brown/ocre.


~ by noelgarner on April 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “Camelias 2”

  1. can’t help but reflect that the left side of dubrovnik rooves #4 has a real vibrancy and immediacy that is as much about the paint as it is about the subject, high point for me in the journey..Would suggest this freeer approach would be well suited to the camelias less rigid composition, thinking late de kooning here?

    • Interesting comment indeed, David. I had to work at the left hand side more than the right. I did not want to compete with the right hand side, and I wanted to reflect a sort of semi-shadow/mistiness that was cast across this area which allowed the sun still to catch the roof-tops. So I was experimenting with the effect as I went along, and then going over bits that were not quite going together. Hard to explain but I know you understand. The result is more subtle and rich – though less prismatic – than the right hand side. Maybe it was this more experiment/spontaneous aspect that reminded you of da Kooning? Or something else? I hope that the Camelias carry this over

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