Fen Ditton from the River Cam, Cambridge

Gouache 3.5"x8"

When I say gouache I mean watercolour mixed with permananent white. I wanted to avoid transparency and deal simply with opaque shapes. In this I am pleased. I was sitting on my coat on the bank of the river when a gentleman called Tony, who freely admitted to having a drink problem came up to make comment and tell me about his knee operations. I don’t know why I can carry out a conversation whilst painting but for some reason it works. Perhaps it is that I don’t venture too much opinion but prompt my companion to keep talking. Which is fine – I usually learn something. In this case about key-hole knee surgery.

I didn’t feel any obligation to follow the actual colours in the scene. The field in the foreground was bright green for example, but it would not have served my purpose here.

Tony was still chatting when I moved to go. I hope we meet up again.


~ by noelgarner on April 9, 2010.

5 Responses to “Fen Ditton from the River Cam, Cambridge”

  1. What a great composition. It get’s a ‘Yep’ from me. What did Judy say about it? Did it get a ‘Nope’. That is very funny. Oh yes, Paris in the Spring. I feel very lucky.

  2. It got a sort of “Yep” I’m pleased to say. Are you still in Paris Erin, and are you getting some painting done? Silly question really – of course you are !

  3. Arrive in Paris on 30 April and get back to Syd 9 June. Will hope to do quite a bit of drawing there and work the paintings once i get home. You are doing some gorgeous work. I do like the Fen Ditton one, lovely slab shapes.

    • Thanks again for your encouragement. It really makes a difference. If you and Milton should happen to make it across the Channel let me know. Judy and I could come down to London for lunch and we could even sketch!

  4. Oh wouldn’t that be amazing. Milton is supposed to be with me when I get back to Paris on June 4. I fly on 7th. He is still working out if he can. Lunch in Paris could be fun you know!!!!!

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