Bombing target

Acrylic and oil pastel 9"x6"

When I showed this to my wife, her comment was swifter than usual. “Nope” she said and walked off. A little harsh on the artist, I thought. Well, I don’t think it’s “Nope”. I think it’s a brave attempt to use acrylics which are about as familiar to me as is the location of this painting to the average Brit…

Because it’s located in the remotest part of The Wash in East Anglia. Round here you are more likely to see a Marsh Harrier (which we did) than homo sapiens.  It goes nowhere, grows vegetables, is as flat as – and is a little lower than – the sea, and is therefore a great place for the RAF to practice bombing things without damaging anything important. We managed to get access to the sea embankment by edging our way around fields in the trusty pickup. And out there on the washes was an incongruously place boat painted in fluorescent red no doubt as  a target for bombing runs. On this day it was shimmering hot, almost silent apart from the occasional bird call.

I like oil pastels, and they apply well over dried acrylic. Very suited to an abstract-ish approach.


~ by noelgarner on April 7, 2010.

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