Dubrovnik 5

Up to date 5/4/09

I’ve had great comments from several people. Thanks. The above photos is up to date.  I’m going to take Erin’s advice and put this to one side for a few days.


~ by noelgarner on April 5, 2010.

4 Responses to “Dubrovnik 5”

  1. Hi Noel. I think my angle of Dubrovnik must be from the left side of your view as I have that tall tower in mine on the left. You can view it online thru the link to Gallery 5 on my blog if you’ve got time. Your painting is far more exciting than mine. I think you have a good mix of loose and detail. Lots of movement going on. Love it!

    • Hi Linda. Yes, very interesting, but I think your view is from the right hand side of my painting looking across my view towards the left!. There are a million subjects to paint in Dubrovnik I’m sure you will agree. I think we need to look at this is Google Earth!

  2. I think the painting is nice but has gotten very complicated in the middle ground. I often have to step away and live with a painting for a while before finishing it. I also have trouble deciding when it is done. For me that often speaks to the traditional vs contemporary question.

  3. Thanks for your comment Linda. I’m going to think about how to finish the painting in the next week or so.

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