Dubrovnik rooves 4

Oil. 36"x24"

I really appreciate your comments, from liking the detail, to concern that I don’t overwork it, to an open question which way I’m taking this painting, “traditional” or “contemporary”. To which I say I just don’t know now. Having a reference photograph I’m finding is becoming a burden; it’s not just providing me with information, but drawing me into too much detail – like on the right.  This post is one day behind where I’m actually up to, and tomorrow’s post will show exactly where I am now. If anyone has any ideas or advice I’d really appreciate it.

I’m thinking I may have to back up a bit and take detail out. I really want to leave room for the viewer’s imagination. I’ve heard that Munch would leave his paintings, often painted on cardboard, out in the rain and snow to “fend for themselves” for a while. Maybe I should take a leaf out of his book.

Enough of painting. It’s Easter Day and time to celebrate.


~ by noelgarner on April 4, 2010.

One Response to “Dubrovnik rooves 4”

  1. Here’s what I like. The 2 front corners are different. The rooftops are not the same on each side, and you have avoided a sameness down the centre. Possibly the sky needs paler on one side than the other. You have also made sure that the front is clearer than the middle distance i.e. atmosphere softens as it goes back. I think it’s terrific and maybe you ought to step away from it for a week – outdoors in the weather might be a bit radical but it’s very funny to read that. You say such amusing things sometimes.

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