Dubrovnik rooves 3

Stage 3 - restatement

I was happy with the last stage but now I am re-stating/redefining the shapes and lines in blue – the colour didn’t matter as long as it was dark. This is needed because there is a lot of detail in the scene and although I don’t want the same level of detail throughout the painting, I do want things in the right place. When I say the “right place” I mean more or less where they are on my reference photo, but moved about if I think it seems better. All these lines will disappear later.

The things about this that grab me and I don’t want to lose are:

1. The sea-mist that was still clearing away and throwing the background into semi shadow.

2. The only bit of road that can be seen, in the centre. It’s vital to the composition and it needs to be dark, but not too dark

3. The brilliant reds and oranges, will need to be broken up at some point

4. The sea merging into the sky and still shrouded in mist

So far so good but it’s going to get harder I think.


~ by noelgarner on April 3, 2010.

3 Responses to “Dubrovnik rooves 3”

  1. Wow it’s looking very exciting.Are you going for a contemporary look or more trad?

  2. Looking fab. I particularly like the detail on the right-hand corner section of the painting with church and house rooftops. 🙂

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