Scrub it!

This is what you do when a painting is irredeemably awful. Painting in the centre of Cambridge on Sunday afternoon, I was using Liquin Gel instead of turps with the idea it would dry quickly. Unfortunately I forgot it makes the paint transparent too, and this was precisely what I did not need trying, as I was, to block in opaque areas of correct hue and value. Hopefully lesson learned. Also (last excuse) there was a mass of young Spanish students who took up residence in the foreground laughing at their friends getting stuck under Silver Street bridge in a punt. So I was trying to look round them and “through” them. They stayed there for what seemed ages.

This is not much of a post, so here is a more successful watercolour sketch of the hilltop village of Fabbrica in Tuscany, painted in 1984.

Watercolour 12"x18"


~ by noelgarner on March 31, 2010.

5 Responses to “Scrub it!”

  1. I will remember this technique. It seems that it would also relieve some frustration if you did it really fast and hard. LOL.

    • Hi Linda and welcome. Thanks for your suggested modification to my new technique – I doubt if it will be long before I have an opportunity of putting it to the test! in the meantime that little board has had a lovely coat of mid-grey paint and is inviting me to try again. Have a good day

  2. oops, but the tuscany one is quite cool, dynamic looking; the pointy trees remind me of people:-)

  3. well I think you’re being too harsh. I like the church on the left (what alfred wallis is to ships feel)and there’s much to commend the accidental/frustrated wipe/scumble effect too. Its a good series of accidents and mishaps to tweak with a fresh return…sandpapering a disliked painting can leave a useful ghost to build upon, I find there’s a lot to be said for accidents (story of me’life guv’nor)

    • Interesting comment about Wallis, David. I’ve seen one of his paintings in the Kettles Yard gallery. Almost complete absence of perspective. Like pictures cut out and laid flat on a cloth. I like them though. I can see what you mean in relation to my picture – which I have to say has a nice even layer of grey paint over it! It would be a real effort for me to “de-perspective” whilst at the same time retaining a strong sense of place which Wallis manages very well.

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