Village church

Oil 5"x11"

I painted this yesterday on our way home from London. It’s a church in a small village we passed through in the Hertfordshire countryside. It was about 5pm (i.e. still on winter time) and the light was fading fast. The subject (see photo below) was rather dull in itself – or at least it did not inspire me  – but what was interesting was the subtle interplay of greys, with different chromatic greys playing off one another. I didn’t see much point in painting the scene representationally.

So I set my pochade box up on the top of a wheelie bin just inside the churchyard gates, squeezed out  white, ultramarine, burnt sienna, raw sienna, Vandyke brown (like Burnt Umber but darker) and a touch of Cad Red. Then, after a few ultramarine lines to give a hint of structure, I launched in. This was good fun; not a lot of time to think, but I tried to incorporate the right colour relationships, have some sort of overall balance, and pick up a few physical motifs. I also tried to show the “inner light” of the stronger red and blue, which I think worked well in the case of the blue.  In the back of my mind I had John Piper, whose image of churches I like and usually have a fair amount of black or close to it. Here is an example:


~ by noelgarner on March 28, 2010.

One Response to “Village church”

  1. this is very “new age”, abstract like I feel. I love the way you experiment with different styles, to express different styles; I also feel drawn to admire/ photograph scenes in everyday life that catch my eye, colour-wise. It’s amazing how light, and different types of light – especially natural sunlight at different times of the day, year, or even under different weather conditions can really create exciting effects. The beauty of nature and in our environment:-)

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