Inside King’s College Chapel 2

Watercolour 5"x11"

I’ll take a guess that it was Mozart’s Coronation Mass they were rehearsing. But without doubt it made sketching an exhilarating experience. The choir were all wearing white shirts/blouses and holding up their scores with blue covers. And then the dark wood reredos, if that’s what it was, behind them framed the whole ensemble and gave the subject lots of contrast.

I outlined this in brown fountain pen ink and then went from there in a limited watercolour palette.


~ by noelgarner on March 25, 2010.

6 Responses to “Inside King’s College Chapel 2”

  1. I’m really enjoying these fast watercolours you are doing. I like that you say how you are doing them too. I would like to try using all the colour first and detailing later. Maybe this weekend I will. Oh and I loved the photo of Judy in the boat. She looked very confident I thought. You should have a lot of fun pottering about in that.

    • I am going to make a special fuss about my first painting from the boat. And you are quite right Erin, Judy is looking confident, not at all panicky like when she was climbing in,and possibly even taking on the look of captain of the ship.

  2. Really like these KC pics, reminds me of long services there as a boy. Not to nit-pick but I think a reredos is the screen oft times behind the altar, the screen dividing the chancel and choir from the great unwashed in the nave being a rood screen or chancel screen, or have heard it called a choir screen, hence the choir stalls directly beyond the screen in the chancel.

  3. Didn’t know you were a one-time denizen of KC, David. You weren’t a choirester were you? And thanks for the correction – you would have noticed my slight qualification. I like the idea of the 16th.C. unwashed. And the idea of a 16th C physician, leaning against a pillar, perhaps with a bottle of leeches in his pocket.

  4. I LOVE this painting! Very atmospheric… having been there too, can quite imagine, and like the contrast of busyness of the choristers against more staid background environment. Very cool!!!!

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