Reds, Yellows, Blues and Greens

Reds and Greens

Yellows, reds and blues

I’m going to start soon on a large painting that will use a lot of oranges and terracottas, so now is the time to look at a number of similar blues, reds and yellows to see what I like/don’t like and how they work together. And ditch the ones I won’t ever use. The candidates were:

Reds: Cad Red (Talens Rembrandt), Cad Red Hue, Winsor red, Perm Intense Red, Japanese Red, Permanent Carmine, Light Red, Burnt Sienna, Indian Red,

Yellows: Harding Yellow Lake, Cad Yell (Talens, Rembrandt), Chrome Yell, Turner Yell, Aureolin

Blues: Cobalt, Rowney Phthalo, Alizarin Blue Lake (Sennelier), Ultramarine (a standard, but used for comparisons)

Greens: Olive, Chrome, Terre Verte, Rowney Phthalo Green, W+N Phthalo Green.

Hard to summarise, but the rough conclusions are:

1. Cobalt (Rowney Georgian) – Yuk. Thin. Binned

2. Japanese Red (Lefranc) – Yuk. Dull and thick. Binned.

3. Aureolin. My favourite watercolour yellow. Slightly green and transparent, but not as useful in oils.

4. Talens Rembrandt range. Superb. Cad Yellow dense, clear, intense.

5. Harding Yellow Lake,very similar. bit cooler.

6. Terre Verte. Can’t see any use for it.

7. Burnt Sienna. Welcome back old friend. Rich, mixes with everything

8. Blue Alizarin Lake. Expensive. Similar to Phthalo but more prismatic if that’s possible

9. Olive Green. I usually mix greens, but I like the way Olive is modified with touches of reds and browns.

10. Phthalo Green. Yes, I like it. Not on it’s own, but to mix deep darks with Burnt Sienna and similar.

11. Indian Red (Harding). Incredibly strong, opaque colour. Hardly ever use more than a touch, but use it often to cool and purple blues.

Doing this seems hard work, and it is, but I like to re-assess my colours from time to time, and re-discover things I had forgotten about, like Burnt Sienna in this case. I also think what’s the point of buying new colours if you don’t test drive them.


~ by noelgarner on March 23, 2010.

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