Stanton windmill, Suffolk

Oil 16"x12"

I posted this before when I had started on site, and it is now finished. I’m planning on making a series of cards, one each of a group of local windmills. I know the miller, Dominic, and his wife and he knows every nut and bolt of this mill. So I have striven for accuracy of proportion and for the mechanical details to convincing without every detail being portrayed. This is good fun because as I was painting, I am saying to myself, “what will he spot that I have missed.” I’m rather conscious of this because at a recent mill conference I attended, when a rather nice drawing of a watermill mechanism was put up on screen, the presenter said “It looks very nice, but of course as shown it could not possibly work!”

However, as a painter, the thing that satisfies me in this painting is the  warm reflection in the shadow of the sail stocks reflected back off the buck which was in sunlight. Doesn’t show up too well in the photo though.


~ by noelgarner on March 21, 2010.

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