Near Weston Colville

Watercolour 5"x8"

On my way back from a housing conference yesterday I passed through the village of Weston Colville where is located the Lothbury Arts Centre. Don’t know why I have never dropped in before, but anyway I did so this time to introduce myself. Nice setup and people, and I was invited to look round the watercolour class that was in progress at the time. I chatted to the tutor who it turns out knows people I know in the Planning and Housing field. Small world.

Pressing on back to Cambridge for a site visit I had to stop even if ever so briefly to sketch something. There was no time to hunt around – simply a matter of pulling over to the site of the road and painting whatever happened to be there. Even in that situation there is some choice, but I thought I may as well simply paint the view. The light was very dull, the sky an even grey, and even the landscape was a series of chromatic greys – actually  I have saturated the colours a bit. When I got home later I added in a bit of pen work to give a bit of definition. This sort of things is OK for keeping in practice.


~ by noelgarner on March 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Near Weston Colville”

  1. wow…good job…

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