Flooding at Earith

Watercolour 8"x11"

This part of the Fens gets regularly flooded in the winter, and I stopped here on my way back from looking at some building sites. This is the sort of area I intend to explore in my new dinghy when the weather improves. I am enjoying the thought of getting onto the water, dropping anchor, sipping a beer, and painting. Rowland Hilder had a boat (rather bigger than mine) to do this, and some of the Impressionists definitely did this to get off the banks of the Seine and into areas where there were different perspectives and of course large areas of reflections.  This little craft is only 8′ long so I can get it into the pickup and launch it into tiny creeks. So then; how shall I arrange my painting set-up in the dinghy? Mmm… something to think about.


~ by noelgarner on March 10, 2010.

7 Responses to “Flooding at Earith”

  1. …ummm definitely something to think about…I feel my creative juices stirring…..how many people do you think you could fit in the boat for painting/photography purposes?…..

  2. Two in total safely with the outboard. Three poss. but tight. Have to try it out maybe. What do you have in mind, Mr Garner?

  3. I know some other creeks you could take the dinghy too, the light’s good too.
    I like this , reminds me of Ivor Hitchens, though not exactly sure why, poss the abstractions and greens…

  4. I’m trying to imagine my little dinghy hammering up a N.Delta creek with a 40hp outboard strapped on the back. Awesome! Welcome back btw and thanks for the report. Ivon Hichens eh – steady on David. I know I’m good but.. I’m trying to think where there may be a connection. I love Hitchens use of browns and blues and greens, which my sketch features, and the overall dark look (which reminds me of Piper a bit, although I find Piper slightly depressing where I find Hitchens rather joyous – can’t think of a better word.

  5. …..well I know a budding photographer who’d really like to explore the same area as your pic and would like to tag along…so let me know when you thinking of trying it and we’ll go for it!….not sure what medium I’ll decide upon…..

  6. …..Mr Garner…..quite the co-incidence huh? 😉

  7. Hokay

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