Crossing the Thames estuary


We are in the queue for our train back to UK under the Channel. I see my earlier post photo is sideways on. Clearly my phone has limits.
This sketch was from memory as we passed over the St. Elizabeth bridge. I used fountain pen and my new oil pastels.


~ by noelgarner on February 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Crossing the Thames estuary”

  1. Wow Noel, both these are terrific. The new sketches are great. And you seem to be doing memory/location ones which is very impressive. I still need to sit in front of the thing to get it. Maybe that’s something I can work on.

  2. You’re right, I’m trying to do some work from memory. It’s making me very consciously try and fix the essence of what interests me in the scene. In this instance it took about one minute to cross bridge so I needed to sketch the very barest of outlines with the foundation pan as we passed by, and try and register the lights and darks and colour. Then develop it as we went along before I forgot too much. Try it Erin, it’s fun, and you need a glass of wine to recover.

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