Cambridge landmark

5"x11" Pen, Watercolour and gouache

Did you think residents of Cambridge talk about Kings College, or punting on the Backs? Well they don’t. This is what they talk about – the unusable guided busway that has been all but finished for a year and still is not in use. Actually that’s not quite true – it works as a very expensive cycleway at the moment, and also aa a walkway. So the part of it shown here, as I walked home along the track as the lights came on the rain came down, was done from memory when I got home.

The pen I was using is a Pentel brush pen, which has its uses and when the ink has fully dried it is pretty waterproof if you want to overlay with watercolour.


~ by noelgarner on February 26, 2010.

5 Responses to “Cambridge landmark”

  1. How interesting. So what was it designed to be? What would a guided busway be? For blind buses? A very dramatic painting. I was intrigued that you have gone straight down the centre. Wham.

  2. A guided busway, I think is similar to what they have in Adeliade, Australia; namely the O-Bahn (despite the German name it is from Adelaide), as they have a very high proportion of early German migrants to that colony, unlike the other colonies of Australia or the world for that matter.
    Info here:

  3. Nobody I know has quite worked this one out Erin. I think the idea is that the driver can have a cigarette and sandwich while the bus goes on its speedy way. With a dedicated roadway many thousands of miserable car users will happily convert to using the bus, thus freeing up the desperate traffic jams we have around the city. And then we will all live happily ever after. Hmm…. or maybe not. And the composition? Well, when you are trudging down the middle in the rain, the only thing that registers in the mind is that it seems to be going on for ever. Good thinking time though.

  4. …and who ever said the guided bus way wasn’t beautiful 😉

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