Memory sketch driving home

Watercolour and gouache 3"x3"

Driving home yesterday from lunch with friends (at which I met Rachel for the first time – a complete surprise – we had lots of art to talk about) I mentally noted this dramatic sky with random streaky clouds slashed across the sky – almost like giant brushstrokes going in different directions. The sun was low in the sky and bathing  the foreground trees in a very strong light. I was driving so it was a matter of making a conscious effort to remember what I could see. Apparently Turner had a prodigious memory. He would watch a dramatic late evening sky and commit it to memory and then later paint it. Very useful before the invention of the camera. Anyway, when I got home I grabbed the first implements to hand which was a fountain pen with brown ink. I started off as you see on the left and smudged things about by dabbing it with a tissue dunked in my mug of coffee.

When that had dried I found my paintbox and continued in watercolour and white gouache


~ by noelgarner on February 23, 2010.

One Response to “Memory sketch driving home”

  1. Cool!!….I loved meeting you and Judy – definitely have to carry on the art-chat again sometime in near future. You definitely know how to inspire someone to watercolour (and no….haven’t tried yet, ashamedly – been busy with other things, but soon…)

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